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Brandon Bryant was born in Miami, Fl and has loved dance since the age of seven. He was apart of So You Think You Can Dance, season 5 where He was top male and running up. Along with his fellow cast members, they embarking on a 40 city tour of the US. Since then, he now splits his time between Las Vegas & Los Angeles for his career. After being cast in FOX's hit TV show Glee!, getting the chance to perform in Cologne, Germany for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, becoming a hosting idol for The LGBT community, Appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, iHeart Radio music festival, Nickelodeon, X-Factor and the Apple Music Festival. Just to name a few. Brandon was also the principal choreographer for the independent film, DANCIN’ IT’S ON! and completed a six-year residency dancing in Las Vegas for the Britney Spears: Piece of Me experience. Brandon has also had the pleasure of traveling while teaching and learning form the upcoming youth of artists in the world. His joy comes from teaching and as amazing as the stage feels nothing compares to getting in a room with hungry dancers ready to ‘Work It Out.” His recent work for The Palms Casino Resort was Creative Director and Choreographer for the KAOS day club/night club. "I hope to motivate as many people as I can while bringing as many smiles as possible." 



Training since the age of 6. Brandon has attended performing arts Elementary, Middle and High schools. that helped him to start studying dance at such a young age. Falling in love with the art of movement and the ability to tell either a beautiful love story or to make a controversial political statement. Dance, he has found, has been an outlet that many can express through. 



Many Inspirations of finding my own inner narrative derive’s from many different influencers, past and present. I like to believe, In life, we are always learning. Whether it’s from a wise rookie who’s been in the dance game for years or it’s an eight year old ballerina studying at Dance theater of Harlem. There’s not one day that goes by that I’m not getting inspired by the world around me. 

My mom told me something as a child that has stuck with me thru the years. She would say, “keep my eyes open” and to “Always beware of my surroundings.” With the quote I took it and ran. Every class I attend, every guest teacher there was, every in house workshop I attended, I would peel my eyes wide open and watch every detail the teacher would do or say and also I would watch the students to see how they would interpret the steps,. I analyzed to see if it was a different way from mine and if so what can I do to switch it up.

I was lucky enough to train at Dance Empire of Miami which housed some of the best dancers in the dance world today. While training there and throughout my career, I’ve got to work with many renowned and award winning choreographers. Dwight Rhoden, Desmond Richardson, Mandy Moore, Jamar Roberts, Tabitha and Napoleon, Ray Leaper and Mia Michaels, just to name a few. 

I have had many years of training in the practice of many styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop. I have been able to use all these traits to mold the performer who’s lucky enough to grace world wide stage’s today. 

I plan to keep learning with each day while inspiring our youth to a positive future. 

I truly love dance with all my heart and I always will.


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